Friday, May 4, 2007

Isen Mulang Festival 19-24 May 2007

Blowpipe, fireball, enchanted boats, canoe paddling, dances, chopping, cooking, singing and other popular local games and sports are open for fierce competition between the regencies (regions) of Central Kalimantan. Heats are already on in the regencies for the best groups to compete.

This year is also the 50th Anniversary of Central Kalimantan, so there’s more happening. Kalteng Expo 2007 showcases what’s going on across the board in the province. The Museum, as well as its collection of Dayak cultural objects, will also have a special exhibition of Indonesian decorative features. Restaurants (warungs) mushroom at night along the streets and the city lights up. Literally too, when fireworks will flash into the Anniversary night sky.

Kalimantan Tourism is doing special Isen Mulang Tours which you can buy through recognized Indonesian Travel Agents, including Indonesia Ecoventure and Bayu Buana

Here is an abbreviated program :

18-20 May 2007 Long Weekend Isen Mulang Tours

3 days/2nights

Day 1 Arrival in Plk, traditional lunch on riverbank, speedboat ride to see orangutans and check in hotels. Enjoy a dip. Evening meal and traditional dance watching sunset over Tangkiling hills.

Day 2 EITHER (included in tour package)

Isen Mulang City Tour – Start your tour at Bukit Batu, or boulder hill, a place renowned for spiritual power, where the Founder and first Governor of Central Kalimantan meditated. Return for early lunch to hotels. Afternoon visit the Museum and special exhibitions and then enjoy some shopping in the traditional handicraft market. Join in the opening ceremony of Isen Mulang and later stroll along the boardwalks of the old town at sunset. Dinner and later watch the night fireball competitions and Dayak songs. Return to hotels.


Wild Orangutan Walk (conservation surcharge applicable) - CIMTROP open their 25,000 hectares of conservation peat forest to a special type of eco-tourist interested in experiencing first hand the rainforest habitat and the orangutans that live there. Experience the awe of having a unique encounter with a wild (not the usual rehabilitated) orang-utan as you watch them in the canopy above you. Trek through parts of the, conserved by the care of the CIMTROP Team. Feel the thrill as you first spot orangutans in the canopy or on the ground of their natural habitat. Follow them on foot and keep up as they swing through the tree tops.
Learn about the importance of the peatland forest at CIMTROP’s natural laboratory and the work they have been doing to protect this endangered environment.

Day 3 Early check out to watch traditional canoe races and blow pipe competitions. Depart Palangka Raya 1100 for the airport

Are you coming?

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