Friday, June 1, 2007

Isen Mulang Festival

The Isen Mulang Festival is an annual event in Palangka Raya which brings together dancing groups from all the regions in Kalteng. Dressed in stunning costumes, and providing a magnificent splash of colour for the Governor's VIP guests before they enjoyed their meal in the traditional longhouse, these dancers were competeing for the winning laurels throughout the 5 day festival. Other hotly contested events included fireball, wood chopping, blowpipe and forwards/backwards test of strength paddling orbesei kambe! Why not arrange your holidays here next year? This festival brings the city out to the stadium and onto the streets to create a lively, almost riotous event. Capped by a public concert with both contemporary and traditional music and dance forms, this is a true festival of the people and of their living culture.

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