Sunday, August 30, 2009

Independence Day in Tundai village

17th August Independence Day in Indonesia is always celebrated with great gusto. During our recent cruise, we happened to visit Tundai on Independence Day, and greatly enjoyed the Besei Kambe competition. This event pits 2 teams of 2 paddlers rowing in opposite directions in the same canoe. Causing great hilarity in all the on lookers, the competitors nevertheless put everything into their performance.

The celebrations, the biggest ever in the village, were covered by a reporter from the local Palangkaraya broadsheet, Detak. This is what they said :

On the celebration of Independence Day last week, the tiny village of Tundai held the biggest celebration ever in the village. Many traditional games were competed such as Besei Tali (tug of war), Bese Kambe (canoe paddling), Sepak Sawut (fireball) and art performance on the stage.

This event was not only attracted the local people’s enthusiasm but also foreign tourists.

We interviewed an Italian Tourist, Ms. S who came to visit Kalimantan together with her husband. They are accompanied by Ms. Gaye Thavisin, joint owner of the Rahai’i Pangun (a cruise boat operated by Kalimantan Tour Destinations)

Detak : 'Hallo Ms. S, how long have you been in Palangkaraya?'

Ms S : 'This is my first time coming to Kalimantan and now is our 3rd day. Before we were
Bali and tomorrow we have to go back.'

Detak : 'What do you think about the traditional games competed today?'

Ms S : 'I am very interested! This game (Besei Kambe) is very unique and I have never see
this before anywhere. Besei Kambe shows the strength, spirit of competition and battle.'

Detak : 'Would you like to try the game?'

Ms S : 'No,no, no. For now I will just watch. Maybe next time.'

Detak : 'What do you think about the tourism in Central Kalimantan?'

Ms S : 'This is a lovely place. I like to see the culture. Unfortunately we have to go back
tomorrow. Next time, I would like to comeback and see the culture again and seeing Orangutans in Tanjung Puting as well.'

Detak : 'What do you think about the people?'

Ms S : 'Yes, lovely people! They are very friendly! They have unique culture. Congratulations!'

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