Monday, May 17, 2010

Isen Mulang Festival 2010 bursts onto the stage 20-25 May!

Have a browse through this brimming schedule of unusual, not to say extraordinary, events over a jam packed 5 days.

If its not the uproarious night-time fireball or the intense and haunting karungut singing, the speed and accuracy of the blowpipe darts or the sheer brute strength and idiosyncrasy of the besei kambe, the canoe paddling in opposite directions! - there is something for everyone.

Admire the unique presentation of Dayak cuisine or choose your favourite Prince or Princess. Or check out the fabulous dances ... the list goes on, and the fascination remains.

Write to us for help in making the most of this Palangkaraya Festival at

Here is the schedule of events :

Wed, 19 May 2010

Time : 08.00 am
Activities : Registration of competitors
Time : 17.00 pm
Competition events scheduled : Traditional Canoeing, Besei Kambe (canoe paddling), Large Decorated Canoes, Maneweng, Manetek (wood chopping) and Manyila Kayu (chopping fire wood), Blowpipe, Balugu (coconut bowls), Mangaruhi (catching fish from pond), Sepak Sawut (Fire Football), Habayang (traditional game), Karungut (traditional Dayak solo monotonal singing), Dancing, Prince and Princess of Central Kalimantan, Exhibition, Pakasak Lamang (cooking sticky rice using bamboo), Rattan weaving, Cultural pageant and traditional foods
Location : Longhouse Mandala Wisata

20 May 2010
Time : 14.00 pm
Grand Opening of Isen Mulang Festival, Cultural and Tourism Pageant
Time : 19.00 pm
Competition : Karungut singing
Location : Sanaman Mantikei - Stadium

21 May 2010
Time : 08.00 am
Competitions: Balugu, Habayang, Blowpipe, Canoeing and Weaving
Time : 19.00 pm
Activities : Traditional Dancing and Fireball Competition
Location : Sanaman Mantikei and Kahayan River

22 May 2010
Time : 08.00 am
Competitions: Cooking, Balugu, Blowpipe, Habayang, Mangenta, Traditional Canoe and Besei Kambe Competition
Time : 14.00 pm
Competitions : Balugu, Blowpipe, Habayang (Sanaman Mantikei), Traditional Canoe and Besei Kambe Competition (Kahayan River - Under the Kahayan Bridge)
Time : 19.00pm
Competitions : Fireball and Coastal Dance Competition
Location : Sanaman Mantikei

Sunday, 23 May 2010
Time : 08.00 am
Competitions : Balugu, Blowpipe, Habayang, Besei Kambe, Mangaruhi (Location : Golf Field Km 4), Maneweng-Manetek and Manyila Kayu, also Pakasak Lamang
Time : 18.30 pm
Competitions : Prince and Princess Of Central Kalimantan Competition
Time : 19.00pm
Competition : Fireball
Location : Sanaman Mantikei

24 May 2010
Time : 08.30 am
Competition : Prince and Princess of Central Kalimantan (Interview Session)
Location : Balanga Museum
Time : 14.00 pm
Competition : Decorated Canoe
Location : Under the Kahayan Bridge
Time : 19.00pm
Activities : Entertainment
Location : Bundaran Besar - Big Roundabout

25 May 2010
Time : 18.30 pm
Competitions : Prince and Princess of Central Kalimantan (Grand Final)
Time : 19.00 pm
Closing ceremony of Isen Mulang Festival
Location : Sanaman Mantikei